Hemp Extraction Lab

How Our Extraction Lab Works

State of the Art

Nature's Highway has invested in a state-of-the-art extraction facility that was built on-site at our farm in Neeses, SC. In the extraction facility, we process hemp biomass which we have organically grown just down the road, into CBD crude oil which becomes the first building block of our top-quality finished products.  

Lab Trained Team

Under the watchful eye of our professional lab-trained team, led by Bayleah Jackson- Cooper, we extract up to 96% of the total cannabinoids from the hemp biomass without the use of any harsh chemicals, solvents, or other synthetic materials. Once the biomass has been processed, the extraction continues in a roto-evaporator or "rotovap" which slowly turns the extracted cannabinoids over a warm water bath, evaporating the elements we no longer need, and leaving us with a full-spectrum CBD crude product that we can distill further into various profiles for our many products.

Seed to Store

We are proud to be a seed-to-store CBD grower, processor, and manufacturer, and our extraction facility is a vital part of that process.

Lab Director

Bayleah Jackson-Cooper grew up in Springfield, South Carolina. She attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, GA. This is where she studied agribusiness and crop production. Her professional career grew as she served as a Agricultural Research Associate at Clemson University's Edisto Research and Education Center.

She has spent her post graduate time with the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR.



You found an online store that sells 100% organic CBD products that have been grown tirelessly over the years to give you the unmatched quality you deserve. In accordance with our strict cultivation guidelines coupled with our Compound Pharmaceutical lab production facility, Nature’s Highway brings you pure, natural and effective oils, creams and cosmetics. So follow the highway and turn a new leaf.

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